Tuesday, 11 March 2014

MP-12G Lambor G-2 Ver (Or G2 Sideswipe to me and you).

In 1992 the 'Robots In Disguise' came crashing back onto the shelves looking like they had taken their war to a paintball tournament by way of a rave. Genius or insanity or a dash of both at whisky fueled late night Hasbro meetings?

While the line introduced new molds such as the Rotor Force and Lazer Rod toys, and gave us the Cyberjets (which were the forerunners of the great articulation we became accustomed to from Beast Wars onwards), Generation 2 launched with a series of repainted and gunned up classic '84 and '85 characters.

Naturally there was a TV show to accompany this. The original cartoon was aired with a new CGI intro and cutaways. 

Then there was the  Generation 2 comic. A balls out, guns blazing, OTT kill fest that reveled in the excesses of its time.

And this is where the newest Masterpiece comes in.

Using the well received MP-12 Lambor mold, MP-12G comes roaring out of the box in an eye catching deco that is impossible not to look at and swoon.


It's a licensed Lamborghini Countach LP500S in high gloss black paint with blood red translucent windows. And it looks gorgeous.

You can attach the robot modes weaponry in one handy package to the car roof.
It's comic accurate too.

Car porn meets gun porn

MP-12G comes with a sticker set so that you can present your figure in either toy or comic deco (I opted for something in between, although that neon green is so so tempting).

G2. Where everybody knows your name

Transformation to the robot mode is a fairly straightforward affair, the legs being the complex side of it but one you have the order of things in place it becomes a breeze to switch back and forth.

And you will want to. 

Because MP-12G looks amazing in both modes.

That balls out, guns blazing OTT kill fest I was speaking about? That's G2 Sidewipe in a nutshell.
And the robot mode encapsulates pretty much everything about the characters presentation in the comic perfectly.

While missing the bandolier, bazooka and grenade, we do get the spiked shoulder wheels (non functional in vehicle mode, alas), two big guns, the huge blade and the snarl.

I'm always angry

Yes, Derek Yaniger's grimacing, angry, gun toting Sideswipe is nailed here. I can see how this may be divisive for some, especially those unfamiliar with the source. Kind of stands out among the Masterpiece Transformers released so far.

But it was this that sold the figure to me despite owning two versions of the mold already.

It's a welcome shot of personality into the MP lines stoic face sculpts and I find myself drawn to MP-12G constantly to pose and fiddle about with. 

This is one of the good guys? 

Whilst the paint job in vehicle mode was flawless, I did notice some spotty paintwork on one of the guns and feet. The foot is only visible during transformation though.
The gun is disappointing but I have not seen anybody else come forward with the same issue.
And despite being the fourth use of the mold, all the joints are nice and tight here.

All in all, a glorious combination of deco, relatively obscure homage, sticker set, personality and accessories make this figure a bit of a win in my book.

And if he doesn't fit in with your Masterpieces he certainly looks the part with another trigger happy nutjob.

'Know what I like best about Nails?'