Sunday, 17 January 2016

New TFC figures - Hades and Poseidon

TFC have shown the newest members of Hades (Liokaiser) and unveiled the first three parts of Poseidon (Piranacon). All are available for preorder at Masterforce.

First up is Cerebus, the Masterpiece style Jaguar. Cerebus will form the waist and thighs of Hades so it's nice to see the figure being a huge chunky robot as many robots filling that role are (Long Haul from Hasbro's Combiner Wars Devastator leaps immediately to mind). The detailing here is phenomenal and is a great reminder of why fans completely lost their minds over TFC's first combiner Hercules.

The next part of Hades is Rhadamanthus. This is Leozack so is the torso of Hades/Liokaiser. The robot mode is a beautifully updated version of the original figure with loads of panel lines and detail while the F-14 jet mode is sleek and minimal.

Then we have the not-Seacons. Firstly Mentrazor, the updated version of Seawing which has the nice addition of fans on the manta ray wings. The real beauty here is the robot mode as the original Seawing was pretty lacking.

P-02 is Cyberjaw, AKA Overbite. The shark mode is very true to the feel of the original, especially the head. The robot mode is fantastic especially as TFC had so little to work with as the original Seacon robot modes were pretty awful.

Lastly is Bigbite, the Seacon Skalor. Much like Cyberjaw above, the alt mode is instantly recognisable as the G1 character. The robot mode is much more minimal than the previous two figures but continues the almost anime-esque updated feel of these figures.

The Hades figures are due in April and all three Poseidon figures are due in the third quarter of the year so July, August or September. Love them or hate them TFC are very good at releasing figures on time so there shouldn't be delays.

Again, these are all available to preorder at Masterforce.