Wednesday, 20 January 2016

MP-26 - Masterpiece Road Rage

We all knew that Masterpiece Tracks would be repainted as one of the many versions of the mold that have been seen before but the repaint into Road Rage was not only a repaint but a slight remold to make the figure more feminine.

Road Rage was an eHobby exclusive release from around the start of the 21st century. It was a repaint of the original Tracks molds which itself has it's roots, like a lot of G1 Transformers toys, in Diaclone. Originally some of the European release of Tracks figures were actually reboxed red Diaclone toys. But Tracks was meant to be blue in the Transformers fiction and so the oddity that was red Diaclone Tracks in a Transformers box became legit when eHobby released Road Rage.

Anyway, let's see what we have got.
The standard Masterpiece box

The Contents

The box contains the usual plastic shell to hold the figure as well as the accessories. Sadly, unlike Tracks, you don't get a nice flight stand to go with the figure but luckily most Japanese flight stands work a treat and if you are lucky enough to have bought one of Takara Tomys new official flight stands then you will be rocking a 100% official display piece.
You don't get as much as Tracks this time
Once you remove the plastic shell you get to see the contents in the flesh, as it were. The figure comes with a new weapon which is an upscaled version of the weapon that came with the original Road Rage release. You also get a repaint of the Broadcast beatbox from the Tracks figure, this time it is Twincast. Also in the package is the same nosecone that came with Tracks and 2 sets of wing mirrors which can be applied to Road Rage to complete the vehicle mode look.

Personally I would love the wing mirrors to come attached to the vehicle to begin with. Trying to get them to sit securely in the holes for them is a challenge at best and an exercise in frustration at worst.
Everything out of the box
So with everything out of the box and the nasty wing mirrors kind of attached to the figure, let's see how the camera likes it.

Vehicle Mode

Yummy. I am loving the colour of this figure. 
Zoom Zoom
From the front the mold is still as impressive as it was when Tracks was released. The bonnet still doesn't quite sit flush for me and I haven't yet worked out if that is my fault or a fault of the mold but either way, it isn't too bad and certainly not a deal breaker.
Visible undercarriage is fine by me
Side on, the figure looks lovely. The red just seems to pop and, even though is not metallic like Tracks was, is still great to look at. When you consider how average a job the red paint work on Masterpiece Sideswipe was, you have to admire how wonderful this figure looks.
No junk in this trunk
From the rear the vehicle mode looks fantastic. I love how the dark colour of the grills hides the fact that a lot of robot mode is hangout out the bottom of the car. The sound choice of colour scheme creates the illusion of the car being a lot thinner than it actually is.
Still Zoom Zoom
Another shot from the front as the camera just seems to soak up this figure and it's lovely paintwork.

Robot Mode

The transformation to robot mode is identical to that of Tracks. There isn't much to complain about it once you have done it a few times. In fact, when you become familiar with the figure you will find yourself switching modes in a couple of minutes.

Road Rage is just as posable as Tracks and also benefits from these lovely feet which are really quite flexible and able to hold a pose that balances the whole of the figure with ease.
Balancing is not a problem for this figure
Look how much range those feet have

Flight Mode

So let's discuss the sore point that is the lack of flight stand. Tracks got one. Road Rage didn't. A part of me thinks this is something to do with Takara Tomy releasing their own official Transformers flight stand but that may just be my paranoia creeping in.

It's certainly worth getting a flight stand because this figure looks lovely in that mode.

The Differences

Let's take a closer look at the main differences between Road Rage and Tracks.

Firstly the face has been remolded to make it more similar to the original release and also more obviously feminine.

Compare this to the Tracks face sculpt to get an idea for just how much work was done to realise the Road Rage character facially.

It's really great to see Takara Tomy going to this length to differentiate the two characters.
Also, the thighs have been remolded to make Road Rage's more curvy and feminine.

Whereas Tracks thighs were kinda boring and traditional for a Transformer.

Once again, it's the little details like this that really make Road Rage stand out and not just another repaint.


For me, Road Rage is a much better figure than Tracks in a lot of ways. I love the face sculpt and the remolded thighs. For some reason they seem to fit the figures better than the original Track face and thighs.

The colour scheme works as we as Tracks but I do wish the red was metallic like the blue on Tracks. That kind of finish really shines when seen through the lens.

A flight stand would have been a great idea - if Tracks gets one then why doesn't Road Rage?

Other than that, it's a buy from me. In fact it's a buy twice from me as I liked it so much I want to display one in vehicle mode and one in robot mode.


I always take more shots than I need to let's take a look at some of them.
Broadcast and Twincast
Something is not right here
Those damn wing mirrors just don't want to fit flush for me
Road Rage and Red Bobby

You can buy Road Rage, Bumblebee Red and other Masterpieces at Masterforce