Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Masterforce Update 28th September 2016: Masterforce's Master Plan

Last week I posted a big Facebook update that covered a number of things and hinted at others, so it's time to flesh those details out a bit.

On Monday September 12th my father died very suddenly and I truly appreciate the hundreds of messages of sympathy that I've received, as you can appreciate it is a very tough time for me. The 1st of October is the end of a chapter as we bury my dad and also I'll be leaving Masterforce. This is a process that was already underway but the last 2 weeks has made me step away a lot faster than was originally planned which is why the site is currently empty.

So where now?

Masterforce will continue and will improve significantly with a huge relaunch in the next week or so. That may sound like a strange thing for me to say but the new owners have a larger premises, better connections and can offer a far more efficient service so I have no doubt that Masterforce will move on to bigger and better things and I genuinely mean that.

Preorders for Groove and Mightron have been despatched by myself, preorders for stock due after October 1st have been handed over to the new owners and are safe. If you were one of the lucky few who placed orders and wasn't asked to pay upfront then your reservations have also been passed on so no one has anything to be concerned about. Orders for in stock items that were mixed with preorders will be dealt with in two parts - the in stock items will be despatched by me by the end of the week while the preorder part will be fulfilled by the new owners.

I'll be writing the last three parts of the Dark Side of Transformers articles and posting them here to finish up the series; from there I may continue to write for this blog but as you can appreciate, everything is up in the air a little as I still have Gear4Geeks to run and the Gear4Geeks blog to write for. Boastful Manfish has his own Drinking About Robots blog that you can subscribe to but I hope he will be staying on to write for Masterforce too as I genuinely believe he is one of the best toy reviewers around.

The only big change is that Nonnef Productions' upgrade parts will be moving to Gear4Geeks and will no longer be available on Masterforce. This will probably work out better for UK customers as we charge less domestic postage on Gear4Geeks.

Thank you to all our customers over the last 3 years, it's been amazing that a website set up to be a hobby with the intent of selling maybe 2 items a week very quickly turned into one of the biggest (and most stressful) Transformers stores in the world.


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